I have had the privilege of knowing Jon for 4 years now and I don't have enough good things to say about him.  His machine work is flawless and his finish work is the best I've seen.  He has built several guns for me and they all shoot as good as they look.  Not only is he a wizard in the machine shop but he is very knowledgeable about shooting and ballistics.  His advice to his customers is based on years of experience machining as well as shooting, hunting and competing in tactical rifle matches.  Listen to him.  He will help to build the rifle of your dreams that will be perfect for your application.  You WON'T find anyone in the country that builds a better shooting or better looking gun!.

-B.J. Bailey 

To anyone searching for the very best...
I cannot say enough incredible things about the entire experience I had getting my first custom hunting rifle from Jon Beanland.

I spent close to a year researching different options for a build from east coast to west.  I was not constrained by price, I just wanted the best value and looked at options including Jarrett, McWhorter, Hart, McMillan, Nosler, Ferguson, Kampfield, to name just a few.  After interviewing several gun smiths and spending large amounts of time on the internet digging up information, I chose to go with Beanland Customs.  The initial reason was that every mention I could find about Jon was extremely positive, from the end product to the customer service.  Every tactical and hunting reference I reviewed, as well as customers or competitors I spoke with regarding John raved about his work.  I am happy to say that after going through the exciting process of initially speaking to Jon and getting a plan, determining all the parts, waiting patiently for the orders to come in and then to finally receive the “masterpiece”.... all the propaganda is absolutely true!  I am amazed at the final product.  Not only does the gun look awesome( I mean really awesome like a piece of art), but it shoots sub .3 inch groups all day long with the handicap of me shooting...  Jon shot the gun at my request before shipping and the first 3 shots he took were .231!  I truly believe that I need at least  5 years of shooting regularly to even get close to matching the capacity of this gun.

I am new to the custom gun build process and Jon did not brush me off and always took the time to answer my questions with clarity and professionalism, while still giving me the ultimate choice on “my weapon”.  He is humble, practical, and trustworthy.  You will see when you talk with him that he really cares about making sure you get what you want and that you are beyond satisfied.  His work is “hand crafted” and not done on a production line, or piece mailed together in a big shop.

I can tell you with great passion that if you want the best, look no further!  When I received my gun from Jon, I felt like I did when I got my first BB gun at Christmas!  The cool part is that after being out to the range a number of times, when I pick up my Beanland, I get that same feeling over and over again!  I could go on and on about how Jon goes above and beyond in every area, but I will end with one strong statement that I do not make lightly.  I told Jon after I received my gun..... “Jon, I think your prices are too low, as I would have paid much more for the quality product and service that you delivered”.

I am already looking forward to starting another project with Jon,

- Joel Theisen